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Maple Leaf Cement Factory

  • 1,000 - 50,000 employees

About Maple Leaf Cement Factory

  • Construction & Property Services

What it does: Maple Leaf Cement Factory is a building materials company based in Pakistan which offers large scale construction, wall care, damp proofing, pre-fab, and flooring services. Their products include ordinary portland cement (grey), sulfate resistant cement, low alkali cement, white cement, and wall coating.

Best known for: Being the largest single-unit cement manufacturer in Pakistan.

Staff stats: 1,200+ employees in Pakistan.

The good bits: Fun and friendly work environment with an excellent training program and many career advancement prospects.

The not so good bits: Expect heavy workloads, and, though the workplace is filled with friendly people, it's still a highly competitive environment.

The Maple Leaf Cement Factory story

Maple Leaf Cement Factory, a subsidiary of Kohinoor Maple Leaf Group, was established in 1956. Since then, the company has slowly but steadily grown into one of the largest cement manufacturers in Pakistan. Today, the company produces over 12,000 tons of cement products a day, making them the single largest single-unit cement manufacturer in Pakistan. They earn an annual income of over PKR 2.46 billion (USD 15.58 million).

The recruitment process

The recruitment process with Maple Leaf Cement Factory is incredibly straightforward—simply apply online, with a cover letter stating what position you’re interested in and a copy of your resume/CV. There is no information on the general interview process or how long you’ll have to wait for a decision.

If you’re interested in joining their training program Management Training Program (more information on that below), you’ll need to apply with a CV before the posted deadline. Interviews begin a month later, and the selection process another month later. Overall, the training program application and recruitment process take four months.

Career prospects

Maple Leaf Cement is a large company, and they’re always on the lookout for fresh graduates and new hires. They hire from a wide range of talent fields, from business and marketing to computer science and engineering. Have an electrical engineering degree? Become a Senior Manager of Instrumentation & Controls. Graduate in business or marketing? Join the company as a Sales Officer. Want a great place to flex your chemistry knowledge? Maple Leaf Cement is looking for chemists.

Aside from almost always having job openings, the company also runs a fantastic training program, known as the Management Trainee Program (MTO). This program is, ‘aimed at nurturing fresh graduates by providing them with challenging opportunities to unleash their potential. Trainees go through cross-functional, multi-location training; and after successful completion, they are placed in various functional departments subject to their competency and skills.’ The training takes around one year, with the majority of it focusing on ‘core-function training (Works, Marketing, Supply Chain, Finance & Procurement).’ The training places you on the fast-track to becoming management for many different company departments.


Remuneration is reportedly quite generous with Maple Leaf Cement, with many packages going above the market standard in Pakistan. However, the company offers no concrete information regarding the actual salary numbers, so you’ll have to rely on market averages for estimates.


The workplace environment at Maple Leaf Cement Factory is reportedly filled with friendly coworkers and management. Most employees generally enjoy their work with the company and find it fulfilling. However, competitiveness for new positions and aggressive progression within your field is highly encouraged, which can, at times, negatively affect the friendly-culture experience. 

Social contributions

Maple Leaf Cement contributes to a variety of different organisations and funds. Their most notable effort involves improving its environmental stance by undertaking a PKR 4 billion project with Kawasaki Japan to aims to reduce energy costs and adverse environmental effects. 

The company also makes considerable donations to education and health organisations by constructing buildings they need. They built an auditorium for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan, constructed the Oncology Center at Agha Khan Hospital, and provided the education institution, Aitchison College Lahore, their Saigol House. 

General vibe of the place

Maple Leaf Cement Factory offers a wealth of job opportunities, plenty of room to grow, and a comprehensive management training program. Job positions are diverse, and the environment is generally friendly and cooperative, but there is still a noticeable sense of competitiveness, which, in combination with consistent long-hour shifts, is often enough to shy some people away.

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