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What it does: an IT company that helps tech startups grow and expand by providing investment, mentoring, idea development, marketing and tech expertise.

Best known for: Gaditek is known for being one of the pioneer companies in Pakistan to help entrepreneurs and companies grow and scale their businesses. In the past, the company has successfully served clients in managed cloud services, cybersecurity, athleisure, lifestyle, media and publications, and financial services.

Staff stats: Over 500. 

The good bits include: a fun workplace, infinite growth opportunities, flexible work timings, employee development training, courses and programs, and job security (to name a few). 

The not so good bits: Working extra hours and work overload might be a challenge. Employees are required to work the last Saturday of each month. 

Hiring grads with degrees in: preferably (but not limited to) IT, Software Development and related fields.   

Gaditek’s story

Gaditek was founded in 2008 by a team of seven people including Aaqib Gadit, Umair Gadit and Uzair Gadit. Since then, it has evolved into a leading IT services company with over 500 employees (whom they call “Gaditians’), impacts 7 industries and over 120 countries across the globe with its headquarters operating in Karachi, Pakistan. It has partnered with 15 reputable brands including Travelee, SavYour, and Cloudways. 

The company started off as a web development service provider and has expanded its services over the years to include digital marketing, mobile app development, business intelligence and cloud and security.  

Hiring grads who can fill in one of the following spots: Engineering, Marketing, Sales & Support, Finance, Human Resource, Creative, Operations, Information Technology. Gaditek prioritises mindset over grades and skillset when recruiting. They call themselves ‘a family of leaders’ and look to hire grads who exhibit curiosity and a learning mindset. 

Internship opportunities: Occasionally, but not following a set timeline, the company opens internship opportunities for fresh grads. In the past, they have hired interns in areas of information technology, business development and media sciences. Interns develop competitive industry experience and soft skills in a thriving work environment during the internship period. 

Recruitment process

Gaditek is one of the leading IT firms in Pakistan and has grown exponentially over the years. With an established reputation, the company seeks candidates who have communicative personalities, a winning attitude and growth mindset who will help the company maintain its reputation and credibility in the range of industries it serves globally. Therefore, an ideal candidate for Gaditek is not necessarily one with top grades and the most polished skill set rather one with the right attitude, mindset and personality who will not only effectively serve the job position but will be an ideal team member and potential leader. 

The recruitment process at Gaditek begins on its website’s careers page where interested candidates first decide and choose the role where they fit from a range of ten options. Click on the option to see if there are open positions and apply online. 

Shortlisted candidates take part in an in-person interview at the Gaditek campus. The first interview is brief, to the point, although challenging, in which the goal of the recruiters is to gauge whether you are an overall right fit for the job. It usually lasts 30-40 minutes. Candidates who successfully pass this phase are invited to a second (and final) round interview which is more focused on the job role and lasts around 30-45 minutes. In some cases, candidates may have to go through a third interview round. 

Common questions to expect during an interview include (but are not limited to) introducing yourself, talking about your education and experience, your reason for choosing Gaditek, whether you can communicate and work with different people and most importantly, industry-related questions assessing your understanding of the technicalities of the job role. 

For successful candidates, the interview rounds are followed by a trial task. Within a period of one to six weeks, candidates receive their final confirmation or rejection.  


As a Gaditian, the salary you earn depends on the position. However, most employees have reported their salaries to be over 50,000PKR. You can expect to earn as low as 22,000PKR as an Accounts Officer to as much as 79,000PKR as a Senior Software Engineer. 

In addition, employees can expect up to four performance-based bonuses per year, annual increments and promotions. However, these may come slowly and are not always guaranteed. 

Besides competitive salary packages, Gaditians are given additional benefits, including life insurance coverage, medical coverage, serious injury/accidental support, maternity support, interest-free loans and company maintained cars. 

The culture

Gaditek claims to be ‘employee-centric’, with a philosophy of treating its employees as humans with potential for limitless growth. This is said to be reflected in the supportive, productive, fun and learning-oriented work environment the company provides.  

Gaditians work in a state-of-the-art campus equipped with basic facilities and entertainment in the form of gaming consoles, club memberships, picnics (twice a year) as well as gifts on various occasions.

In addition, the company organises a number of events for its employees throughout the year to keep them motivated, such as grand pizza parties. Most of these events happen as part of Gaditek’s Employee Wellbeing Program which is an initiative by the company to ensure occupational and emotional wellbeing of its employees.

On the downside, employees may feel pressured due to work overload and long work hours. 

The vibe of the place

At Gaditek you can expect yourself to be surrounded by people who are driven, hardworking and ambitious. There will be times when deadlines, projects and workload will stress you out but there will also be times when you’ll have the opportunity to relax and have fun with other Gaditians.   

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