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Continental Biscuits

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About Continental Biscuits

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What it does: Produces and distributes branded biscuits in Pakistan. 

Best known for: Manufacturing and marketing various biscuit products from brands like TUC, Prince, and Zeera Plus, as well as world-famous biscuits like Oreo and Tiger. 

Staff stats: The manufacturing plant in Sukkur has around 3,000 employees. The head office in Karachi has 200 employees. 

The good bits: Continental Biscuits Limited (CBL) has a full-fledged training function that helps employees rise through the ranks in the company by developing their technical and soft skills. 70% of the employees in CBL are women, the company is quite particular with their commitment to empowering women in the workplace. The manufacturing plant in Sukkur has residential houses where employees can live with their families near their offices. In the residential colony, there is a gym, a clubhouse, and other recreational facilities. 

The not so good bits: Healthcare plans don’t usually come with your employment in Continental Biscuits. Factory locations are also located in rural areas far from cities due to extreme hygiene requirements in manufacturing plants. 

The Continental Biscuits Story

The company was born in 1984 out of a joint venture between businessman Hasan Ali Khan and the French food giant, Groupe Danone. In 2007, Groupe Danone agreed to sell their biscuits category to Kraft Foods, USA. 

Shortly after, Kraft decided to sell-off subsidiary businesses and sold shares to American multinational confectionery, food, and, beverage holding company Mondelez International. This divestiture led up to Continental Biscuits having a joint venture with Mondelez International. 

Today, Continental Biscuits is manufacturing and marketing for the LU brand. Producing and distributing branded biscuits both in Pakistan and abroad. 

The recruitment process

Applicants who wish to work for Continental Biscuits may submit their CV online. Chosen candidates will be called back by HR to go through two interviews. 

The first interview will be conducted by the HR director and heads of respective departments. In this interview, the candidate's consistency, communication, general knowledge, and educational background will be evaluated. Interviewers will score each candidate according to their answers and those who get a score of 70 or more will be called in for a second interview which will happen on the same day, or on a scheduled date. 

The second interview covers salary negotiations and company orientation. After this interview, successful candidates will receive a job offer from Continental Biscuits.

Career prospects

Most of the newly-hired employees at Continental Biscuits start off as management trainees. From there, employees go through various training to help sharpen their skills as they advance through their career. It is through these training programs that Continental Biscuits help employees ensure employment security

As employees move forward with Continental Biscuits, the company has a succession planning program where they keep an eye on those who are likely to take on key organisational positions in the company in the future. 


The average salary can start from PKR Rs125,000 which has a competitive difference over the standard salary in Pakistan. As you progress through your career, you can earn as much as PKR Rs270,000 as a manager

The culture

Continental Biscuits often highlights their family-based culture within the company. Apart from spending time together at work, the company also organises get-togethers, family bonding over cricket games, and others. 

In terms of its corporate culture, Continental Biscuits also stresses their commitment to helping its employees secure their tenure by improving their skills. Employees are often mentored and motivated by managers to get better at what they do. 

Social contribution

Every semester since 2009, Continental Biscuits has provided over 20 scholarships to students at Sukkur IBA University. Out these 20 scholarships, the company ensures that at least 50% of the opportunities are given to women. Apart from the support on tuition fees, Continental Biscuits also covers the board and lodging expenses of its scholars. 

The vibe of the place

To its employees, Continental Biscuits is a friendly work environment that welcomes new ideas. Managers are often seen interacting with other employees regularly. Employees are expected to be accountable for their health and safety in the workplace, they are trained in safety procedures to reduce the likelihood of risks within company premises.

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